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Hello! I'm Chelsea and I'm a self-taught clay artist from Trichy, now based in Hyderabad. I have a bachelor's degree in engineering and a master's degree in design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology.

After graduating from NIFT, I developed a passion for making handcrafted products, exploring the colors, shapes, art forms, patterns, creative processes, and the joy of making them.

As someone who loves art, fashion, and nature, I design earrings that draw inspiration from these things.  Each piece is meticulously crafted and I strive to make colorful and vibrant earrings to suit every personality. Each pair of earrings I make is made with lots of love and joy and I hope you feel the same love and joy behind each piece.

Besides making clay, I am an avid fashion lover who loves upcycling clothes, painting, reading books, and creating youtube videos.

And, as always, thank you so much for being part of my happiness and supporting me & my art. 

Thank you for visiting my shop!

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